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The Fergs.com - Ferg's Homey Page.

Thefergs.com was created in 1989, the early days of the internet. First called Ferg's Homey Page, it started out as a web site to show family photos and various internet links. It then progressed into a genealogy webpage, mainly to publish my genealogy data on the web so that various relatives would find it and contact me. Works great too! Then during our fulltime RV days, it became a way to track where we were and where we were headed. Now it is a combination of both. And here we are today.

Along the top of the page, you can always find the 'Home' button to get back here.

We Are The Fergs

The 'About Us' button is going to be a little bit about Donna and I. And a link to our pictures.

Genealogy - The Family Connection

This link is the entry point to my Genealogy pages. All my genealogy data is online along with pictures, cemeteries, headstone info, ect. My database contains 18,976 persons, 3,563 unique surnames, 7,059 families, with 768 notes. Look around. We may be related. I've had folks from all over the world recognize a name and contact me. I love getting updates and new material. Even corrections are welcome.

RV Stuff

This link will let you know where all we have been travelling in our RVs throuout the years. Also is a link to our RV Blog where we talk about the places we have been.

Contact Us

For our email info and other contact information, just click the 'Contact' button.